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Landline phone not ringing

Hi, I would be really grateful for some help.My landline phone is not ringing when receiving calls and it turns out this seems to have been the case since May/June time. Now a friend has made me aware that they’re get no answer when calling me, I’ve ...

RB23 by Joining in
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Resolved! Switchover day and calls to local numbers

Hi, my switchover day is next Monday, 11th September. My query is: will I still be able to make local calls, i.e.. numbers on the same code as my home, without putting in the whole code number? It has been suggested by a neighbour that the broadband ...

franco by On our wavelength
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Resolved! On holiday when I'm meant to plug the landline adapter in

Your email states:On 20th September 2023, your home phone service will be switched to our fibre network.*****************I'm on holiday on the 20th - so can I plug it in before I go away, or do it the day I get back?

Paul_I by Superfast
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Resolved! Issue with cable run from street cabinet

I am due to be setup on Virgin Media next week after a previous unsuccessful attempt do to an issue with the cable run from the cabinet to the access point outside my property.  I was informed that another team would be along to fix the issue which t...

jorow by Tuning in
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Cancel engineer visit

My hub 4 stopped working yesterday so booked an engineer visit. Then this afternoon it started to work again.  Does anyone know how I can cancel the visit as its booked for tomorrow Apparently I can't change it because its less then 24hrs 

Re: Landline Not allowing outgoing calls

Hellomy elderly aunt is having the same problem. She can’t make outgoing calls, keeps ringing virgin and not getting anywhere . She was told someone would come and she would receive a text message. She has a mobile but just uses it for emerg envy cal...