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EMERGENCY - need landline fixed

Hi, I'm in a very vulnerable situation and need my landline fixed or replaced as it's not working. I can get online but cannot ring them now. Is there any way I can contact someone in Virgin online asap as I am reliant on my landline phone and desper...

Home phone disabled

We are in the 30 day notice period which ends on 29/11/23 after deciding not to continue with our contract.As soon as we agreed on the termination date someone at Virgin turned off our landline which we are still paying for.We eventually got through ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Landline Disconnected

Help!I have given notice earlier to cancel my services and was told everything would stop next month.  For some reason my landline has been disconnected already.  I was not advised this would happen and of course I can't get through to anyone for hel...

Need help home phone

When I make a call I frequently get an echo of my voice. The person I am calling can hear me but I can only hear an echo of my voice. I have several phones and it happens with all of them. Sometimes my call goes through without any issue.I see that t...

Outgoing calls not working

 Hi, hopefully someone can help us here.As of yesterday my father's home phone stopped being able to make outgoing calls. Incoming is working fine and there's a normal dial tone but whenever any number is dialed it gets diverted to virgin helpline. H...

JH39 by Joining in
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Phone issue.

Hi, had VM Volt M250 installed with phone package, noticed my telephone line has a weird tone now, best explained as a cross between alternating normal tone with engaged, each lasts approx a second each !!Is this 'normal' for Virgin phone line ?Help ...

NewKOTB by Joining in
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I have been without my landline for two weeks now. I contacted virgin on chat, they said it was because i needed to change to fibre through my hub.. received adapter, plugged in, still nothing. Now what ?