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Resolved! Landline switchover

Hi,can someone please confirm how the switchover schedule is made. Is it by are, account number, etc or any other criteria?Thank you 

aldave by Joining in
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Resolved! Compatible Phone

Hi, can someone please recommend a compatible phone that will ring and work for CV21?  Not bothered what it looks like as long as it works so that I can test the line when it eventually comes live. I've heard about some phones not ringing etc - not a...

karls by On our wavelength
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Can PC headphones be used as a phone through Hub5?

Finally got the new hub5 working with our existing Panasonic phones and base units, thanks to engineer David - 47831 who fixed it in seconds. Now that we have computers and telephony connected through the same device, is it possible to use the phone ...

New Fibre Adapter

So with this wonderful progression in technology how am I meant to plug my landline into the hub, when the existing landline point is downstairs and the hub is upstairs?  I'm guessing that VM haven't thought about installs like mine.

FishFD3S by On our wavelength
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We noticed that after the engineer had been to fix the adaptor (my phone is downstairs and router upstairs) that our printer was not printing. It will print from a scan but not the computer. Checked all the sockets etc.  Could this be anything to do ...

brigantia by On our wavelength
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No phoneline since February '23

Was with Virigin for years, tried BT for a 14 day period. Virgin offered a better deal so returned to Virgin.  When changing back Virgin made a mistake with one digit of my phone number and it could not receive incoming calls.  Virgin were unhelpful,...

MG16 by Joining in
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Landline not working again!

Hi, Once again my home phone is not working. Have been in touch with your tech help and they just keep telling me my line is OK, so it is my phone that is faulty.  Full story:Home phone working OK till last Monday, when Kelly Communications pulled a ...

athomas2 by Tuning in
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Home phone.

Since the home phone has been forced to use the hub, the date & time will not stay right in the phone, after many times resetting it, used to be ok when we were connected to the land line socket, the phone is iDECT not a old model, anyone else having...

Bazz1 by Joining in
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No Line

My change over started today for the home phone. I was prompted to  attach the new adaptor when my router rebooted of its own accord. The problem being is that my phone now reads  No Line since plugging in the adaptor & connecting it all up & it stil...

mercury1 by Joining in
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