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Resolved! Cheap Voip

Hi, My VM contract is up for renewal in August and I wondered if there were any barriers to stop me going for a true VOIP solution for my home phone?  Will VM be awkward about releasing my number to the new provider?I'm sure someone must have done th...

dauphine by Joining in
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Resolved! Home Phone Switch to Fibre

I have received a SMS and email today telling me my home phone will be switched to fibre in October. I use my VM hub in modem mode and it drives a separate Asus router. Will the phone adaptor be able to plug into the Asus? I have a spare RJ45 socket.

aceatco by Dialled in
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Resolved! Ex directory

Just found out my details are in phone book and online, how do I go ex directory?

AMiles by Joining in
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VM Landline telephone can no longer make calls out

Hello,Since 3 days ago for some reason our landline telephone can no longer call out but can receive calls without an issue.When trying to call out after dialing 4+ numbers the VM custom service intro starts & when trying to get through to anyone to ...

Cmd_ by Tuning in
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Landline disconnected

How long should it take to reconnect landline. My elderly mother was told it would be done yesterday but still disconnected 

WDM1 by Joining in
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home phone switchover

ive had my adaptor delivered to put into my hub but the hub and the telephone are in different rooms how can i solve this problem

choccy by Joining in
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Landline switch from Sky

Hi. I've recently switched from Sky and asked to keep same number. Can you tell me when this will be done please. All other services ok, just need landline working.Thanks

Colin555 by Joining in
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Virgin landline

I wish to start using my virgin landline. I do not know the number and also do I need any adapters? And how do I activate it ? Regards,Danny 

Big_D by Joining in
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Virgin media causing elderly couple huge stress

My grandparents have been with virgin for many many years, with the contract originally due up in August, this is the first bit of context to this rant. 130mb Broadband +home phone with anytime for a whopping £61 a month  This is going to be the full...