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Microphone doesn't hear voice commands anymore

The button works, the screen icon changes to red, but speaking into the mic on the handset - well, it doesn't hear anything.Do I need a new 360 remote - if so, can someone please send me one asap. Thanks.Paul.

Paul_I by Superfast
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One Power doesn't work for me

On my TiVo, I have One Power, where I am able to switch the TV and the VM Device off at the same time. The problem I have is that it works for a few days and then it doesn't. How can I make it work permanently? If I look in the System Settings, the O...

Virgin TV 360 remote

Sorry if this isn't the right place but I'm hoping it is and that someone can help.I have a LG smart TV and a Virgin box. The remote is paired to it and works fine but I wanted to know if there was a set of buttons to push so I can navigate the actua...

rasen66 by Joining in
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Resolved! Channel 5

I lose signal when watching or recording on this channel only. Anyone else have this problem or know how I can solve it? 

360 box not working

SpoilerMy virgin box is seriously playing up, when I switch my TV on the TV shows the welcome message, well it wants me to display this is not always the case despite rebooting it. My netflix app no long load and sometimes the other apps bbc iplay, i...

Resolved! Catchup

why doesn’t the BBC iPlayer app not appear in catchup? It is in the apps.

Flickr by Joining in
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Resolved! Red recorded circle with slice missing

I have a programme in my recorded list, which is a red circle with a slice missing. Can someone advise what that signifies please.I’ve searched everywhere to try and find out about Virgin Media’s icons for the TV360, but have drawn a complete blank a...

Ethernet not connected

Press Home, the Apps, get message ethernet cable not connected, when it is.Continuous red light. Hub gets warm.Internet drops out

Aged1 by Joining in
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Compliments well deserved

After numerous calls to Virgin call centre and getting more frustrated at the outcome to a simple problem about the order of the new TV360 remote which after speaking to an agent led to my package being totally changed and costing me £200 per month m...