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Resolved! New 360 Firmware again......

Following this thread : Solved: Firmware 4.46 - Virgin Media Community - 5284012I received another update on my box again last night (apologies but didn't have time to check on the version) - anyone know of any changes or anywhere on this forum where...

Virgin 360 media box dark picture

Hi, I have just joined the community and would appreciate some help and advice.We have been Virgin customers for 17 months and the broadband/tv package has been really first class experiencing no problems until recently. The picture on the 360 box ha...

Sound cutting out

Hi, I have noticed recently that when watching recorded TV I get a cut out in sound now and again. Its not any one channel but I notice it more when watching a long program or a football match. I have just had a 360 box replaced due to glitches of th...

Tot1984 by Tuning in
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Swap back to v from 360?

I HATE this new setupit freezes constantly, logs me out of all apps and basically makes evening viewing miserable I get an hour at night to watch tv and spend the majority of it trying to log back into apps or struggling to find anything cos it’s all...

Disney + - not showing

I can't get Disney + on my TV. It does not have any of the options to click and receive the service. It says on my TV "to subscribe please purchase disney+ direct from your service provider" I have no idea how to do that.  I have an email and log in ...

Damian89 by Joining in
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Information needs to be clearer about Sky Ultra

I've just renewed my contract and upgraded my box to 360. I was considering switching to Sky so specifically asked about adding Sky Sports UHD. It wasn't a deal breaker but I was offered a good renewal price. I updated yesterday and discovered that I...

mattbabs by Dialled in
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Resolved! Not enough cable for tv box

I upgraded recently from just broadband to a tv package & was sent a box in the post.But I can’t connect it as was only supplied with about 1m of cabling - and probably need about 5masked at Curry’s but they don’t supply these & it seems impossible t...

LEW72 by Joining in
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HiI want to add Disney+ to my service. Instruction is to click on logo on website but after doing that there is a message that's been on there for at least a week saying there's a technical issue, they can't do anything right now, try again later.Why...

PJ10 by Joining in
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V6 to 360 is it generally worth upgrading?

What’s the general opinion on 360? I’ve basically ignored it so far but got an email through offering a free upgrade so tempted to give it a whirl. I’ve read about the factory wipe to install the new OS, which I can live with, but are their any downs...

kabir14 by Joining in
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