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Outside cables

 Received my QuickStart kit yesterday, set everything up correctly but wasn’t getting any WiFi. Spoke with customer service on the phone and they said everything should be running okay. Only just moved into this house and stupidly didn’t look outside...

Angie97 by Joining in
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Address missing from database

I've moved to a new property that doesn't appear on the address checker when using the moving home wizard. The flat number is missing despite all the others within the building being serviceable.VM phone support and the form for unlisted addresses ha...

andE99 by Joining in
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Renewed Contract

Just got off the phone with Virgin cancellations. I was on 1gb broadband + weekend and evening telephone line + basic stream box and was paying £38 per month. I also have an O2 SIM and was on their Volt package. Anyways my contract was up for renewal...

wyaneb1 by Joining in
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New fibre cable

Hi there I've justanaged to drop my router and snapped the fibre connection to the router and won't go back in, is there anyway I can get a replacement fibre cable please?

Jebus96 by Joining in
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Customer support broke internet

Hi,We were recently sent 3 new V6 boxes to replace our old TiVo boxes.Upon installing these there was an issue with one of the boxes.We spoke to the helpline and after lots of checking of serial numbers etc he said that the issue was that the new box...

Yubnub by Joining in
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Booking an engineer visit for TV 360

I've just upgraded my broadband to add TV.  I was told by the upgrade agent that I did not need to connect the TV box to a coaxial cable as it would work wirelessly through WiFi connection.This was important as I do not have a coaxial point near the ...

Scut0 by Joining in
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