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Re: Missing cable box cover

I have also lost the brown box cover (presumably in the recent storms) and the wiring is exposed. We do not subscribe to Virgin but I still need to get it replaced. I have not been able to find a replacement online. Help would be much appreciated.

Resolved! When will it be live

Virgin media have installed cable down our road for over 4 months now, we have the little black virgin stamped boxes on the ground outside but we still cannot see any packages on the Web, says not in your area yet? We are getting close to the end of ...

Router not delivered!!

Hello, A friend has purchased a router for a self installation. Delivery date was set on the 10th of April, but nothing has arrived. This is incredibly frustrating as he works from home.  Please advice.  Thanks

EliFer by Joining in
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House number not listed. Neighbours are

Hi, My house number is not listed but every other house number is on the postcode. This is a DB error as the CBT for the other houses is right outside our house and the ducts feed the other houses. This is a new PIA XGS-PON full fibre to the property...

GM2000X by Joining in
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Hub5 Delivered with no power supply

New customer moved house and took the day off work to receive a hub 5 quick start pack, only to have it delivered with no power supply in the box!  Reading on here this is not an isolated issue and I would have thought the team could manage to send o...

CH73 by Joining in
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Broken outside box

  This is the state of my outside Virgin media box. Next door have removed their large hedge and now this mess is on view on the front of my house. The cable is also on show on the street. How do I get this fixed please?

BBAD9055-C6EE-4753-9A24-D7A9A00584CF.jpeg 3FA00674-B452-4C02-BB7E-E7B110EEA7AB.jpeg
Liz7171 by Joining in
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