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Resolved! XGS-PON Business - which router

Nexfibre are currently laying fibre in my street, and as it's the only fibre available in my area I'm looking to switch to Virgin. As the only way I can get a static IP address is with the business version, I'm looking at going down that root.My ques...

Connect but no box outside

I am moving tot a new house and when I checked the postcode it says I can get Virgin Media. However, looking around the property there is no CATV boxes. Is there another way of getting virgin media from through the existing infrastructure? or is like...

Coax point moving

The point that our hub connects to the wall is in the upstairs bedroom and need it moving down stairs to the living room, it looks like there used to be one there as the plastic box is still there but no cabling running into it. How can I get someone...

Connection drops every day around 2:15am

It seems that every day, my connection drops out for several minutes around the same time in the early morning.I have a hub 3 in modem mode. As the drop out happens, my router shows it's assigned address changed to the 192.168.100.x range, instead of...

blumf by Tuning in
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Sending back equipment

Why don't Virgin do anything at all to help their customers? You chased me for equipment, but won't accept emails. You won't accept WhatsApp outside of UK times - the only "chat" available and I can't even open it because it's a QR code on my own pho...