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This is what I emailed Lutz Schueler this morning.  I am trying to get hold of someone to cancel my appalling service, but the call handlers keep saying they can't hear me which I seriously question.We've had 4 missed appointments so should have comp...

Unable to reply to 86002

Good morning,New customer with an install booked for this coming Thursday. I received a text from 86002 asking me to reply KEEP to confirm this appointment. When I reply KEEP the message won’t send. I do not have any trouble sending texts to other nu...

Hub4 in modem mode

HelloBeen having issues with my internet thought it was a fault in the area.  It would seem for some reason my hub4 in modem mode is still using IP, causing my edgerouter 4 to have a Ip conflict and it drops the VM connection to use my ba...

1gb broadband won't go over 90mb

Hi,over the last few months (tbh ever since I joined virgin) my internet would downgrade to 90mbA restart of the hub would fix this, it became more common over the last few months.Today restarting does nothing and I am kept at 90mb.I checked the logs...

Book an engineer

Hello,I ordered the Broadband services and I was eligible for QuickStart, which means that there was a previous VM user in the property. However, when the Broadband package arrived I soon realised that there is no Virgin wall socket to connect the Vi...

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Mess made of gravel driveway

 Hi, I have had virgin fibre installed on 26th September, on the 21st the installers came out to run cable from the street to the house, they did this through the middle of a gravel driveway at the front of my house, they made such a mess I had to ge...

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Resolved! Cut cable?

I’ve recently joined virgin, and trying to connect my box. The internet was not connecting and so I took a closer look at my wall box. I saw the short extra wire and so took the cover off, and this is what I saw. Do you think this was a mains plug so...

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Resolved! No Virgin media socket

Just moved into a new flat today, got my QuickStart box and got everything somewhat plugged in. Issue being I have no virginmedia wall socket, just a VM phone line and then a cable coming in beneath that - which I tried using. My router does now prov...

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