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QuickStart kit delivery

Hello Virgin Media Team,I requested the Quick Start kit and received an email from you with the following message:"We have received your Gone Away form and will now review the details. You can expect a response within 48 hours.The Virgin Media team"H...

GS5 by Joining in
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Pre-install problems

Hi,After ordering on the 15th of September and getting a November install date, we managed to get that pushed up to October the 3rd. Tuesday this week a crew from Svella turned up and once they realised that it wasn’t going to just be a install from ...

Virgin Media Messing up my Hub 4 config?

After upgrading to Hub4 (for 1gig service) I have had a few instances of the hub 4 forgetting/resetting my settings.Today was perfect example.. At about 10:25  the whole internet went down.. checking router confirmed it was offlineabout 3 mins later ...

Yoji by Tuning in
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Automatic compensation

Could someone direct me in the right direction why first month (30 day) is not counted towards the compensation. Is this normal/usual and if so under what circumstances this happens. Appreciate the relevant link to this condition. For example, in suc...

FUWVM01 by On our wavelength
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