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New installation

Hi I have just received a new Hub 5 and installing for the first time . I have called and activated but still no lights . All connections are good. The customer service lady said possible outage in area but when checking online this is not the case a...

External cables not fitted

Hi, I am a new customer with VM but when the engineers came to connect the cables to my home they stated there was a blockage from the box to the house so had to log it, it's now been over 4 weeks and I'm still having to "piggyback" as they put it fr...

Hub 5 request

Hi, I am a volt 1gig customer and was wondering if there is any way I can request a hub 5 to replace my hub 4?My previous hub 4 (and current one) always make a low droning noise (from the fan) and this seems to happen no matter where I place it. It d...

s88urd by Dialled in
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Connecting to new build

Hi,Just moved to a new build house and confirmed with the developer that Virgin connected, have a virgin connection panel in the house, green box across the road, yet Virgin Media say they cannot provide a service!How do I get them to flick the switc...

roupen93 by Joining in
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Hi,Our Due date for engineer and switch on with VM was 20th Sept.Engineer arrived but was unable to install due to exterior pre-installation work not having taken place.After many calls and hours of on hold music we have a new date of Engineer for 11...

mana by Joining in
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Pre Install

Good AfternoonI signed up to VM yesterday and have an installation date of October 12th. There has never been a VM installation at this address and we have a block paved drive, I understand I would need a pre installation visit. How do I book this?Th...

Outside Wall Box Broken

Just moved in to a new property and been connected up. However the outside wall box  is in a poor condition due to age, the cover is off and won’t go back on and all the wires and cabling are exposed to the elements. In addition my neighbour has poin...

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