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Business to Residential.

I have spent hours explaining my situation to VM support staff - everyone has been super helpful, but no-one has been able to help. My property site is registered as a business (the site used to be a business years and years ago). I would like VM res...

C123a by Joining in
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Pre-Pull nightmare!

Is there a Virgin Media team member that can help contact an area manager to escalate and get this pre-pull work done?I have had my installation dates moved 2 times now (from June to July and i'm expecting a 3rd delay). It's almost going into the thi...

ndb89 by Tuning in
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Failed installation

Engineers turned up yesterday to install Virgin broadband.  They found the cable in the street was faulty and couldn't continue. Said a team would fix it by the next day. No one has turned up and no contact from Virgin. I called them and was told an ...

Resolved! Internet cables exposed

We had the Gardner round and he came to us and said our cables were above ground. Some are covered by a green protective pipe and some are fully exposed. How do I go about getting these put back and covered/ protected properly??

Jamiec87 by Joining in
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Complaints not responded

hi I have booked broadband connection in 19th May and got appointment for 7th June. But the installation was delayed to 19th June without any reason. As perVM communication, compensation for the delayed installation needs to be done.I raised complain...

kaasiram by Joining in
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still waiting for a connection (Epsom)

Help!so signed up for VM during the Black Friday specials ie. Nov 22... and i'm still waiting for a connection.finally a FTTP team arrived to complete the pre-pull only to find issues with the underground (Openreach) ducts.  Incidentally, i'm using B...

lemm by Tuning in
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Move cable and get a new cable box

Hello,I previously posted about the bad state of the old Virgin Media equipemnt at my new home:Omni box needs replacingThe cabling into the house needs moving.New internal cabling box to replace the old/dated one.I was told this is usually a £25 fee,...

Hoogie by Tuning in
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