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Full fibre availability

Hi, Virgin were out laying cables on my street back in November/December and when I checked on the website it said they were bringing the full fibre upgrade service to my area soon, now flash forward to May and when I go on the website, it says they ...

RhysL16 by Joining in
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Resolved! Contract start date

Hi, I'm due to receive my self start broadband kit today but I would prefer to wait until my existing Vodafone BB contract expires (less a few days for testing) before connecting the VM router. My question is, would my contract (payments) start when ...

Fabs by Tuning in
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Red light on Hub 3

Hi, my Hub 3 has had red light on for several days and won't go off.Tried upplugging overnight but still comes back on. Unit feels a bit warm as well ?Also tried phoning to get answers but unable to get anybody willing to sort apartfrom telling me to...

Hub issues

I’m new to virgin media and I’m feeling like I might be regretting my choices. I’m finding it so difficult to just speak to anyone for help. My hub has had a red light since I got it, a technician installed it for me as I needed the wire extending ar...

Lauren94 by Joining in
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Outside brown box broken

I only had virgin installed 2 months ago and noticed today that the brown box is hanging on by a thread and the front panel has now come loose. Not overly impressed after such a short length of time. Can anyone at Virgin arrange for this to get sorte...

E23043F0-C682-42B3-935E-40FBB45156D6.jpeg E2F91F4C-37D1-4B9F-961F-77E2FB73D704.jpeg
LucyLuLa by Joining in
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