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Resolved! Cable/socket incompatible

HelloApologies for what may be a very straightforward (and often asked) question.Our VM self install kit has arrived but the broadband cable from the router seems to be incompatible with the VM coax socket in the wall. Pics attached. We've an enginee...

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Resolved! Installation issues

 Hi everyone, newbie here. Just joined Virgin Media from Sky and hoping it’s going to be an easy ride. I just had Svella Connect do some external works after my initial installation from Virgin Media (who was a brill technician, couldn’t fault). Sham...

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VJ27 by Joining in
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No vm wall socket

Hi,I just moved to a new house and got my virgin media kit today. When I searched for my postcode online it showed that there's VM in the house, but I can't seem to find an MV wall socket. There's an openreach BT white box in the wall and there's 2 b...

Eva63 by Joining in
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Resolved! Green light flashing on initial install

I’ve installed my hub 3 router for the first time today and the green light just keeps flashing. It has done for over a couple of hours now. The setup guide says it will flash green for a bit bit will then turn solid white one finished connecting. Ho...

ol6556 by Joining in
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Need to relocate router

We're moving our front room round a little, and I need to move the tv to the other side of the room, and therefore relocate the router. I've tried arranging by phone but it's almost impossible to get through to anyone! So I'm hoping someone will get ...

When is Virgin going LIVE

SpoilerVirgin cables were layed back in May this year by Svella Connect, then nothing until this month Sept, not digging channels etc,. But pulling the grates up to insert cabling,I asked if this was Virgin Media, he said yes & they were a different ...