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Need my bill receipt’s

Hello I’m trying to get copy’s of my bill as on my account there are missing. I have phone customer service but no joy just was getting passed on by each member no one could help me was on the phone for about 2 hours this was a joke yes 2 hours. I ne...

Constant complete your profile page

Everytime I try to go into my account settings on this website I get the constant loop of “hooray your verified your email “ I have updated my account details more than 2 dozen times and then I get another email about my e-billing. Then I go back int...

Virgin media incompetence

Virgin media messed up when moving me over to new home in November and say I owe them money on the account at the old address which is now a previous account I can't access. I have screen shots of evidence and bank/ credit card statements to show all...

Robh1234 by Joining in
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Rented movie unwatchable

Hi, I rented the new Godzilla film on Virgin movies last week, when I tried to play it kept not playing even though all other devices on the same connection worked fine.I was hence unable to watch this film, it started and got about 2 minutes in once...

Resolved! How To Cancel Virgin Media

Hello to everyone.Any tips or tricks on how to cancel Virgin Media ?After being with them since they started as Southwestern Bell, Ihave finally decided that I am tired of struggling with rising prices andreduced customer service.I understand it can ...

PieJesu by On our wavelength
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Wrong bill

Hi AllI have just received my latest bill which is incorrect. I negotiated a new contract and was paying £24, i was offered a new deal first month free and then £27 each month. Now I got bill that you added my free month to this month bill and then a...

Riveter by Joining in
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Suspect email offer

This afternoon, I received an email with all the Virgin Media typeface and logos stating that they notice I've got an older hub and offering a Hub 4 at no cost. Alarm bells rang... I'm being offered something for free and I don't even have to upgrade...

Pjf220 by Joining in
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Waiting since 3 months for refund.

I have moved from my previous address to area which is not covered by Virgin Media,they have accepted the proof and they promised me they will collect the early cancellation fees and they will refund me  after 1 month . However,  3 months have passed...

Rami by Joining in
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