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Joint Access to my fathers account

I've been given access to my fathers virgin account. Supposedly The exec team sent me a password to use when dealing with it.Tried it today and it doesn't work. Surprise, SurpriseIt's clearly the old password he created years ago I need and the email...

Recontacted online but not taken effect

I recontracted online on the 27th July.Today I've had a bill through showing my old offers expiring and a higher bill as a result with no mention of the new offer I was given online.Tried the WhatsApp but just get transferred to installations that th...

AdamantUK by On our wavelength
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Resolved! VM hub not accepting password

I cannot sign into the VM hub to check everything is working okay, I am concernd that someone may have hacked it but have noticed that other users are having the same problem. I have tried to access many times but still no luck.I notice that a new up...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Want to leave VM

Can a Moderator on this board please assist in helping me to leave VM?I have tried via WhatsApp, Live Chat, even by telephone.When ringing by telephone I don't even get an option to cancel ,it just goes on about payment.I've been trying to sort my is...

Latro54 by Joining in
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Resolved! On line account

Hi everyone, left Virgin earlier this year in March and closed account - all good. Am back home now so have resigned for broadband - all good. Setting up log-in to new account, message says "email already registered", so reset password - all good, bu...

asg1251 by Joining in
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New contract

Hi,My current deal is ending in August so was looking to see what options are available. I logged into the online account and had a pop-up message with a new deal. I accepted this and received a contract information sheet email and an order summary e...

apleaver by Joining in
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