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Virgin media Van dangerous parking

There is a Virgin media employee that parks his van near me on the road, who in my opinion and several other residents is a dangerous place. I believe it mostly complies with the highway code E.G 10 meters from a bend; However this is a blind bend an...

Netflix added to account

Anyone else had Netflix and other streaming package added to their VM account without asking for it?? Second time now, and cancelled  the subscription in my VM account but £15.99 taken out again?? 

Netflix Premium

I am hoping that one of you wonderful Forum Team can help me out.My contract for the last 18months included Netflix and I paid the extra £5 a month to make it a premium subscription. On Monday I phoned to negotiate my next contract. I was told it inc...

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Typo in email

Hi everyone,I used my university email to sign up for VM broadband but there’s a typo in it so I never got any confirmation email. How do I go about changing it to the correct email? I have really bad social anxiety and would rather avoid calling Vir...

Log in - email issues

After email account was hacked couldn't sign in. Was fixed but not working again. Email addresses linked to my account are both incorrect. Help would be appreciated Thanks   [MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]