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Vat invoice

why do you only offer solutions via private messages when so many people are asking for the same thing? i need my VAT invoices urgently so how do i get them and why does virgin make it so difficult to get them online ourselves?     [MOD EDIT: Post sp...

shed031 by Joining in
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Received 2 Pre-contracts

Virgin Media rang me today and offered me a better broadband deal as I had cancelled mine days before. However, they have sent me two pre-contracts for the broadband. Why? I really don't have time to be sorting out there mistakes so if this doesn't g...

Marketing calls.

Hi.I keep getting calls from virgin media, 08000521521. I am fed up with them, even though I don't have the contact me checked under marketing preferences on my account.  They can either stop ringing me, or I will seek legal action, as this is tantam...

Cannot Login to Acount

Cant login with my email and password to my virgin media, whenever I try to reset my password It tells me my email doesn't exists, and when I click forgotten email it tells me that my account number, date of birth, and area code aren't associated wit...

faolan by Joining in
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Being charged twice

 I've just signed up and I'm being charged 2 months in advance. Surely this can't be right considering I would class advance is paying a month up front.This a new install so I just expected to pay the £26.50 not £53 I guess there is something wrong. ...


Resolved! Cancellation Scam

Absolutely disgusted with the way the cancellation system works. No online chat, on hold for hours, bounced around different departmentsAlso lodged a complaint with Virgin Media.2023 - all other service providers do this online.  No wonder your trust...

Red Light always on hub3

Hi,my Hub3 red light is always on and the hub is slightly hotter than usual.As I am disabled I am worried it will pack in,and as I have emergency virgin phone I will be left without phone.

fasted by Joining in
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contacting Virgin

I keep trying to contact Virgin to reduce my package, why is it so hard to make contact? when you get through to that stupid chat bot it puts you on hold, if I want to increase my package I can do it on line or my TV, but to reduce package I have to ...

Contacting a human at Virgin media

How do I get to talk to someone to discuss my contract?  I have tried every way possible but have been cut off on the phone after being sent text messages I don't want or the 150 number is not available neither is customer services.  I have tried the...

Grumpy2 by Joining in
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Re: Locked out of account please help

@ACS_XXXX wrote: myenvoyHi, my husband is locked out of his account. He is trying to go through the steps to retrieve it and reset his password but it is not working. It keeps saying 'oops we have run into a problem'.  We can't find a number to phone...