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Broadband disconnected

I gave notice to terminate my VM service to disconnect on 26th May (as I'm moving to another provider). But VM have disconnected it early. The Customer Service chat have said it will take 48-72 hours to reconnect.Is there anyone I can contact to expe...

Netflix Premium via VM issue

I am paying for Netflix Premium via VM but when I now access Netflix it states I am on a standard package and offers the chance to upgrade to premium which never works as my subscription level is set by VM.  I have confirmed the same email address is...

AndDM by Joining in
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Email upgrade invite!

Hi all, Very confused in honesty. I got an upgrade email and went for it as I could get the 500mb for an extra £3 a month for 18 months.  My speed is doubled as I am a volt customer so this would put me on the 1 gig package. I received the pre-contra...

Resolved! TNT sports 360 service extension

Looking at various packages and I was hoping someone could help me.Virgin Media add-ons(30-day rolling contract)Virgin TV 360 Service extension£10TNT Sports£18I have this on the bill in my basket is the £10 Service extension a one off or does it mean...

lennon666 by On our wavelength
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renewal offer

Hello,In My Virgin Media profile I could see some renewal offers, I accepted one of them. I got an email with an order reference number and a pre-contract sheet. It seems all was done, with an activation date of the new package for 30 April. Nothing ...

amz182 by Joining in
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