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Hello virgin Media I don't have time to carry on waiting for one of your team either online chat or phone. For £80 a month I'd expect a more prompt connection with an agent, but hey, we must all save where we can?So, I am publicly announcing that I r...

vdanci by Just joined
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I have spent 30mins trying to switch to ebilling, have read other people having same issues. it is impossible. can someone help please before I raise a complaint.

brianr84 by Just joined
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Automatic Compensation

I experienced complete loss of service for around 10 days. Once the issue was resolved I was told the compensation would automatically be added to my account within 7 days. This was over a month ago now and the compensation hasn't been applied.I've s...

Billing increase

Hi, As my contact was up I agreed a new deal but struggling to understand my next bill.Previously I was paying £69pm. I agreed a new deal for £77pm but for some reason my next bill is £135.21 I have the following statement on my bill but I don’t unde...

Account verification and password resets

Hi, I wonder if I can get some helpfull advice from you guys.So the story goes, I let my contract slip as the date slipped my mind so I thought I'd login to my account on the myvirgin app to sort it out. When attempting to login it tells my my passwo...

payne2k by Tuning in
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Virgin Coverage in North Norfolk

Can anyone help me with where Virgin cover in Norwich and North Norfolk please?Looking to move up there next year and hopefully retain our contract.  Undecided where exactly, just want to know what areas have Virgin.Their help bot is useless, wants a...

Paweagle by Joining in
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