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MyVM online account registration (multiple issues)

Hi, We have recently made some changes in the background for MyVM online account and unfortunately this is causing problems for some customers who are trying to register a new account with us. Due to the increased number of issues and different error...

ModTeam by Moderator
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Resolved! Homeworks - never asked for it to be added

I added BT sports yesterday to my package.  Only BT sports. Never asked for Homeworks never had it and I don’t want it.Why was it added by Kumar CS rep? I have complained and am told it will take 48 hours to remove it.To add insult to injury I have b...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Netflix billing

I arranged a new contract with virgin which included Netflix in march/ April last year - the £5 extra premium one.The first month I checked and was not billed by Netflix.After that I have been charged by Netflix and virgin.I only check bank statement...

rory by Joining in
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Resolved! Voucher not received.

Hi just wondering when you are meant to receive vouchers. Everything is going well, and we are happy with service so far but haven't received any vouchers, yet we are well over the 6-week mark. Thanks in advance. 

Contract and billing start date

Hello.I have received my reuter 16th February as initially applied, but I had rescheduled delivery for 27th so I can connect on 28th February.On app it shows rescheduled for 27th February, but it also says contract started 16th February. I am now con...

kusimap by Joining in
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Not received Amazon gift voucher

Hiya,I purchased a Virgin Media M200 Fibre plan on 24/07/2022 (installed on 08/08/2022) but have not received the £100.00 Amazon Voucher. It's been well over 120 days since from my order, and so I am slightly concerned about where this email has gott...

Bethanym by Joining in
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Resolved! New contract now with Netflix wrong account

Hi allSo I’ve just renewed on Volt1 which includes Netflix standard. This is great news as we’ve never had Netflix before - sad I know.  When going into Netflix there is already an account linked to the box with 5 profiles present and what looks to b...