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Hub 5 Telephony Disabled - old landline also not working

Hi,I've had the notification letter that my telephone service is going over the hub but I can't find the letter - I thinks its still someway off in my area.About 2 weeks ago my landline stopped working - BT were working in the street about the same t...


Rotary phone not ringing

I was installing my landline phone but not ringing when receiving calls and the call would cut after a few seconds. Any idea how to fix this?Rebooted the hub but problem persisted. I was more than an hour with a Virgin support agent and the problem s...

LoliP by Joining in
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Phone calls

Hi guys, has anyone else been recieving calls from an 0800 number stating they are from virgin and wanting to discuss options ? They keep saying It in relation to my email I should have received about the trial ending ( haven't had any such email ) s...

New Hub

I received an e mail and phoned 150 for my new hub 5.She said three times it would be delivered on September 24th, three times made me think she knew what she had said. 24th was Sunday. She then said three times it will activate on the 26th. It arriv...

Land line down

My land line is down (no dial tone) and I have spent a frustrating morning trying to speak to someone at VM who can sort this out.. I can't dial 150 because I have no dial tone  I don't have a virgin mobile. I do expect to be able to simply call and ...

Quezzers by On our wavelength
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Ported number from BT and can't receive incoming calls

I've recently ported my number from BT. My landline phone worked fine with the temporary number Virgin assigned, dialling out and receiving calls. Now my old number has been ported, I can dial out (and the correct number shows on caller ID) but I can...

SueBW4 by Joining in
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Virgin fibre line switchover issue

Hi. I've just received the email this morning saying our home phone line will be moving over to the fibre line in February and something will be sent in the post in the next couple of weeks to facilitate this.The issue is the super hub is in a differ...

Mr-Hare by On our wavelength
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1571 intermittent tone

Hi,I have an intermittent break in dial tone as if I have an anwerphone message but when I ring 1571 there is no message. This has been there constantly since starting my service with Virgin in August. Is there any way to stop it?At this rate I will ...

Landline keeps cutting out since connected to hub

I posted a similar complaint about a month ago and an engineer had booked to visit however I thought I had solved the problem by fitting new batteries in the handsets.However the problem has resurfaced. Most calls cut out, sometimes we have to redial...