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unable to get voicemail messages on landline

Hi since our landline changed to going through the wifi hub we cant listen to voicemails.I have left a message on our number but it doesnt tell us we have a message and when we dial 1571 there is no message there,any help would be beneficial as my wi...

Included minutes versus anytime chatter

I have unplugged my phone as anytime chatter makes no sense in this day and age.  I was paying £10/month extra for less than I can get with a cheap £5 SIM.  Paying at least 48p per call (24p connection + 24ppm call rate) is excessive.Why don’t Virgin...

Landline phone dead.

HD5 Kirheaton, Huddersfield. I have had no dail tone all day  09/11/2023, yet it's reported no problems in my area.  

not receiving incoming calls

signed in on behalf of my 90 year old mother, we have been unable to contact her for 9 days due to fault on phone line.  reported on 4 November which took a few hours, told an engineer would be out on Wednesday, no show.  this is a vunerable person a...

Porting Landline from VM to VM

Hi, I have just setup a new account with my current one ending on 21st, I am keeping my Landline No. (port in). I was told it would be easy as it is a VM No, to VM so they just need to change it on the account (Daniel confirmed today). My question is...

yahya32 by Tuning in
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Need a new hub for phone service

Need Help.I got a message stating'On 17th January 2024, your home phone service will switch to our fibre network.''For this to work, you’ll need a new Hub.'I have tried repeatedly to phone 150 but there just doesn't seem to be an option for this.I've...

Squishty by Joining in
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Phone still not working,

no response to complaint reference: C-051123149, phone has been down 6 days now, suspect migration to VOBB engineer booked to fit new hub on 18th what happens in the interim?

Vulnerable customer fault

Hello- my elderly mother has called me to report she has had no landline since Monday lunchtime. You have a long phone queue and the online checker isn’t working. Please can you get in contact to resolve 

CandyR by Joining in
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