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Issues Porting Landline

When signing up to Virgin Media, I was assured by the Sales Advisor that my BT/Plusnet landline number would be ported on installation. This did not happen, and despite several calls to tech support, there is no indication that my number will be port...

Landline via hub cuts out

Since connecting landline to hub we have experienced frequent occassions when the call cuts out and we need to redial. Even then we experience repeated cut outs. We had no problems prior to switching over to  our hub.Please advise what action should ...

Telephony to be enabled on Virgin Hub 3.0

Hi,Please can someone from VirginMedia enable telephony on my Hub 3.0 router?Over the last few weeks the landline phone has started to not receive calls and it has not always been possible to make calls either. There is also no dialling tone from the...

Lucasimo by Joining in
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scam virgin internet problem call

Just had a call from [MOD EDIT: Spoofed number] ( foreign sounding lady ) about me having problems with my internet connection not being good enough, asking questions about what's connected to the router and to check on the lights showing on the fron...

Gerry-B by Joining in
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Virgin Dual Cable Connection Question?

Long time Virgin customer here. I just signed up to the Gig1 + Landline package finally getting rid of the unwanted tv pack.  The new Hub 5 box arrived on time and everything connected well at the first attempt.While packaging the Tivo box for the re...

Phone line dead

Hi we've had a dead phone line for a few days and have been unable to get help elsewhere. I've not received any communications about it being to do with the VOIP switchover so I don't think it's to do with that.It's a direct line into the wall socket...

Ajwilk75 by Joining in
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Fibre Phone

I have been notified that my home phone will be switched to fibre today and have the adapter but I live in an older property where my phone connection is in a different room to the hub. Does anyone know how I can get the adapter to work?

RD60 by Joining in
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Resolved! Phone ringer with fibre broadband

I have been using my phone with a separate ringer, connected via an adaptor, since the ring-tones on the phone are not sufficiently penetrating.This worked well with the landline.   Now that I have to connect via fibre broadband, the ring-tones on th...

johncc by Joining in
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Got cut off on a 150 call!

On a call to complain my TV and phone not working, got cut off.  The operator said first my TV would be running again in 2 hours. Fair enough, but I called on Sunday so they have to wait until Monday. No chance to ask about when call services will be...