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Landline Switch over

Switch over day for land line today to new fibre line, old traditional socket stopped working this morning so changed over, have done as requested with new hub and adapter, but phone longer has a dialing tone and cannot make or receive calls. Plugged...

Dawnshep by Joining in
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Resolved! Telephone - not ringing from the other end

I have tried to make several calls from and to my landline but to no avail. When I try to make a call, I get the tone when the digits are being sent but don't get a ringing from the other end. When I have tried to call my landline the phone I am ring...

Resolved! Home phone wiring

My telephone line has just been switched over to the new VoIP system plugging into my router. (Wasn’t told of the switchover and only found when I reported the fault to virgin. My old master socket is in a different room however the old phone cable r...

Resolved! How do I get a new hub and book an engineer?

We've been told to request a new hub and an engineer to re-route cables because Virgin are changing our Home Line service to be connected through the hub.Tried several times to do this via phoning 150 or trying web messaging service but there's no cl...

phrasebk by Joining in
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Land line incoming calls disabled.

Recently land line switched to VOIP? Using existing modem plus adapter sent by Virgin media. We can make calls, have got a clear dial tone but cannot receive calls. We have already got it plugged into the correct port.  Any ideas anyone? 

Landline u/s no calls in, no calls out, no dial tone

My landline has been dead for a week, according to service status,  there is nothing wrong with it. I spoke to an agent last Wednesday just after 8 am who stated that a TV fault in the area was causing the landline issue,  so why does the service sta...

Landline not ringing

Handset of landline not ringing when calls made to it although to anyone dialling our number a normal ringing sound is heard, hence the presumption is we are out/choosing not to answer. Answerphone does not kick in. If I dial the landline from my mob...

chasyuk by Joining in
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Resolved! Virgin phone number 0800 1234 1234 does not exist

Here in Stockport UK I had an email about switching our home landline to run through the Virgin Hub (part of the national fibre roll-out). After answering a few simple questions on the link provided, it decided I need a technician to install the gubb...

Resolved! Landline not receiving calls

My mums landline isn't receiving calls.   Calling out is fine,  but when I call her on my mobile I get the ringing tone,  but nothing happens on her phone.   We called 150 and the guy on there suggested plugging the adapter into the hub and trying th...