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Virgin's (old) phone system and migration

I'm helping someone with their 'landline' switch off.1. Does/did Virgin run its own analogue phone line system separate to BT/Openreach, or maybe has/had both? 2. Presuming it's a separate switch off, I presume customers are forced to take phone serv...

Phone Switchover

Hi trying to contact Virgin to get the Switchover sorted my hub is upstairs phone downstairs so need the hub moved tried the 150 option but none of the options are dedicated to the Switchover would hsve thought that they would have a dedicated option...

Darw1n66 by Joining in
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Call blocking not working on handset

I have a BT call blocking phone which until recently worked absolutely fine on my virgin media landline. It now will not allow anyone in my VIP contact list to get through, it blocks everyone. I have checked to see if I have call barring enabled on m...

rnmh1964 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Turn off voicemail

Hi, I have been trying to turn off voicemail using 1571 but there is no option to turn this off.  We have our own answerphone so do not need this.  Could you please turn this off for us.

Home address not showing on postcode checker

Hi my area has in the past few months has gone live with virgin, when work first got underway my address was visible stating coming soon. Now i'm out off the minimum term with my current provider and looking to join Virgin my address is not showing o...

darren08 by Joining in
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Paused or not?

Recent posts here seem to show that members of the Forum Team have different opinions on whether the switchover is paused or not. Surely it’s not difficult to pin a general announcement to save the confusion even if it’s not deemed desirable to infor...

Resolved! Voicemail hangs up mid message

Hello,My landline was transferred to my SuperHub yesterday.  I thought everything was working correctly but I've now got a voicemail but when I try to retrieve it, midway through reading out the message the line goes dead.  I'd actually prefer to tur...

nleaney by Dialled in
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UPS for Superhub 5

For my mums BT fibre & hub then as she runs the telephone through the hub for the lifeline. BT sent her 2x free UPS battery and this means in event of a power failure then the wifi & telephone will not be impacted…As my home telephone line runs throu...

forshawj by Up to speed
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Resolved! Change allocated home phone number

We have recently taken out a VM contract which includes a home phone number. When I added it to my mobile phone contacts, it came up with a company as the name. I Googled the phone number and it is listed on multiple sites under the company name. Thi...