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Resolved! Landline not working and unable to speak to contact virgin

Tried calling via telephone but cannot get past 'test stage' to speak to somebody.  I think the issue with my phone is due to the socket/wiring as it is very old and probably needs replacing as wires are exposed.  

PJ66 by Joining in
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need to speak with someone

hi - i am unable to contact anyone at virgin and they have not responded to the letter i sent to them.  i have a power of attorney for my mother, and i want to get the supply cut off to her flat as she is now in a care home.  the letter included the ...

Landline won't let me call out.

When I try to make an outgoing call from the landline I get a message telling me that I am trying to call a number not allowed from this phone?

Gazza19 by Just joined
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Phone Line no longer working & unable tocontact virgin

Our home phone stopped working yesterday & have been  unable to contact virgin to report it . I follow the online links which is frustrating as it sends me in circles ! Help please how do i even report this to get this fixed !

Berllan14 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Porting landline from Plusnet

HiRecently signed up for broadband and phone, due to be installed 17/09.Had an email to contact Virgin to discuss porting landline number, current provider is Plusnet (BT).I called, but the advisor said that there's an error on the system and the eng...

DJ1UK by On our wavelength
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Landline unavailable

My mom, who is 81, lives alone and has broadband and land line with Virgin Media. When I have tried to ring her land line, it says "This number is temporarily unavailable" and it has been saying that for daysHer TV is working.Her bill is paid.All the...

Telephone only rings once

Hi all,Our landline was working fine until recently but now when someone call it the telephone will only ring once then the message "Incoming call" briefly appears on the handset before disappearing. If the caller doesn't hang up straight away then a...

Landline - no dialing tone

Hi,Following a VM engineer visit to fix BB/TV issues on Thursday, we've just discovered our landline has no dialing tone and cannot make outgoing calls.  Bizarrely, we can still receive incoming calls.After a painful mobile call to the overseas VM he...

Landline not working

Landline (which plugs into a wall socket, not our hub) has suddenly stopped working.  Nothing seems to be wrong with the handset.  Virgin Media Forum Team - could you help?  Thanks.  

dh1102 by Joining in
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Home phone - lost number

Hi,migrated to digital phone line. Lost original home number I’ve had for 15+ years. Contacted customer services- told I would get it back . Nothing!!help please