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Fibre switch over

The switch over is due on 26/9. A previous email informed me that a technician was booked for 27/9 to ensure the switch over of 2 extentions. Can I get confirmation of the appointment time and the work required? Thanks.

BSK1 by Tuning in
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150 Support Number when on Fibre change

When the changeover to Fibre goes ahead, I have an issue that I will then be charged to report an issue when my fibre is not working!So Scenario is "Virgin Broadband is down" but I cannot report it using 150 because of the move to fibre (VOIP). So I ...

Borg2657 by Tuning in
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Change to fibre phone

My home phone was switched to fibre at the end of June but I had been advised that I needed an engineer to come and they couldn’t attend until last week Aug 17. I have now been charged £25 for this call out even though it was Virgin making the change...

Mags120 by Joining in
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Landline has no dial tone

Recently our landline has not been working, not making a dial tone and unable to send and receive calls. We tried a new phone and it worked for a few hours before it stopped working mid call, now also not making a dial tone or making and receiving ca...

JP-11 by Joining in
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Resolved! Garbled message about cutting off landline...

Just back from holiday to a garbled message from a 'mumbler' about cutting off landline.Called 150 but got fed up after 25 minutes of headache inducing 'music' (maybe that's the idea).After some internet searching I've deduce that VM are moving from ...

Naldo58 by Joining in
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no dialling tone, no means of making or receiving calls

HelloMy landline currently has no dialling tone for 3 days with no means of making or receiving calls.Website status check is showing all ok.Any help would be appreciated as this seems to happening more often over the last few months.

Mint2323 by Tuning in
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Phone line not working

Landline stopped working, have checked sockets etc but phone have no dial tone.  Service status not working please could someone get back to me

Vege by Joining in
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Not able to make or receive calls on landline

Don’t use the landline much but elderly mother in law will not call on anything else.  Discovered tonight that when she calls us she’s getting a ringing tone but our phone has not rung.  On investigating, we’ve discovered we’ve no dialling tone so we...

New installation

We had virgin installed yesterday and our land line is still not working.  We were given the phone number removed and when I phoned it today to see if the phone would ring, someone else answered the phone, not at my home address. It appears that you ...

Mandst by Joining in
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