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Unknown Charge and Looking to upgrade

Hi ,i have 2 questions,(1) I just renewed my contract with the same package so why am I being charged £5.60 for package changes. (2) can I change the contract i just renewed from talk weekends to talk more anytime on the house phone.

Line cord error message for Landline

I have this error message, I have checked all the cable for the handsets, changed sockets for the handsets - tested with different handset in all sockets and no joy. I have tried ringing the landline and it doesn’t ring, just goes straight to voicema...

adelesh by Joining in
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VM Technician failed to attend

VM booked a Technician to come out and fix my landline phone. Booked 3 weeks ago for today Friday 9 Sept 8am to 1pm - He/She hasn't arrived. Can anyone point me in the right direction to speak to a person and not a bot? 

Resolved! Going ex-directory

Hi there - we just got a new BT phone book and we’re surprised to see that we were listed because we thought we were ex directory. Please can you tell me how to go back to ex directory?

Line cord error

For the past few days I’ve not been able to make or receive phone calls on the landline. First I thought it was the handset which I replaced but I’m still having the same issue and a line cord error message.My broadband is working fine however so it ...

91_sd by Joining in
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Landline Line code error

Hi, I have discovered that no calls are coming through to.my landline. I have now replaced the ADSL and bought a new phone thinking its faulty equipment. Still  cannot ring through. The new phone showed an error message ' Line Cord Error'  . Please c...

Landline dead again

Our landline is dead yet again - 5th time in 2 months, and only 18 days since the last outage.Service status says no problems so waited 25 mins on the telephone to be told there's a problem with the box and will be fixed in the next 5 to 24 hours. Wh...

Ahudso13 by Tuning in
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landline down

My landline has been down since approx 10pm on Thursday 11 August.  I have looked at "fix my landline" - "can't receive calls" and you just go round in circles.  My friend has tried to ring 0345 454111 to report the fault and the number just doesnt r...

Resolved! Reinstating Ex-Directory

I have been a VM customer for many years and have always been listed as ex-directory.For some reason, this has now been removed from my account and, despite making numerous calls to Customer Service, this has still not been corrected as I note I am s...

Call divert

Hi All, I’ve just set up call divert on my home telephone line. Can anyone tell me the code I need to put in for divert on no reply. Thanks.

ntldude by Joining in
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