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Please help turn off my landline voicemail

I would like to turn off the voicemail on my landline. I prefer to use my own answerphone as this means I can see at a glance if I have a message.I can see that this is a regular online request made by other people, would it be possible for a feature...

WAS42 by Joining in
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I am a disabled customer, deaf and housebound and need my house phone which has not worked since September 27th, Virgin told me it would be working on the same evening but it is still not working.It is very difficult for me to communicate with virgin...

Landline phone does not work

My phones dead.the website sends me round and round in circles.after the connection check it says everything ok. - it’s not!Top of the page it tells me there’s an issue in my postcode which conflicts.how do I find out when the external issue is fixed...

Home phone adapter

Hi.I haven't needed to use my landline until now. Thus, I would like to know how I can get an adapter for my landline to the WiFi hub. as I understand, it is the only way now to use the landline. Thanks 

monina by Joining in
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Landline not working

Our land line stopped working on Friday 30 September. We think it may be due to the heavy rain as we've had a problem with that before. I've tried ringing Virgin media to report this but i'm ending up in a loop in the automated test sytem where they ...

Battery Backup Keeps Failing

I have a battery backup for my VoIP VM phone line as my daughter is physically disabled.VM initially installed the older model battery backup. I kept getting letters from VM saying that I need to reset it, which I did. I was then told by letter that ...

Need to book a tech visit for fibre phone

So, in a previous post I was advised that I would need to book a tech visit in order to connect my copper-wired phone to my Superhub, in order to use the new fibre phone service (this is because my hub was installed in a stupid place, and I can't con...

Resolved! Home Phone Switchover Date

I received a text on 16 July advising me that my phone would switch over to the fibre service from today (3 October) and a while ago I then received the adaptor through the post. I have never received any letter confirming the date or the process - a...

Andyt57 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Phone via hub

Hi, I currently have a VM landline phone via traditional phone socket. I wanted to connect a second landline to my router upstairs so I have a phone there too.I plugged a phone in to the hub with an adapter but it doesn't work. Having looked in route...