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Home phone not able to make or receive calls

We have had no landline for nearly a week. We work from home so this is a nightmare. An engineer came but said it was because of some swithover. Fitted something and told us it would work in a couple of hours. It doesn't. In the old days with BT this...

Resolved! VOIP phone settings

I have recently had to buy a new handset as my phone service has been moved over to SIP, I presume.I have my new handset, but do not have any of the configuration items needed to configure the phone Can someone please tell me who I need to contact ot...

subwax by Joining in
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Loss of 1471 facility snd voicemail

I recently had a fault on my landline but when it was fixed, I lost both voicemail and 1471 facilities. I am elderly and live alone. Lately, I am constantly getting calls from scammers and am afraid to answer the phone. The functions that have disapp...

KJforGL by Joining in
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Resolved! Phone issues

I can’t work out how to get my landline back on I need technical help as I can’t work out what cables I require to connect 

brizee by Joining in
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Locating bills for a previous account

My Virgin media account was cancelled recently but I need to see what I was billed for. However, I cannot access my bills because the account has been cancelled. How can I access a cancelled account?

Lis62 by Joining in
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Bill charges

I have been charged for a call on my landline and have talk anytime I have also been charged for Netflix subscription when it is part of my package 

JB2462 by Joining in
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Think I need a new phone adapter

Hi ,have tried to use my home phone and it isn’t working , have looked in forum and think I need a new adaptor to plug into my new hub . I haven’t been sent one and was wondering how to get one , I have phone virgin today as I’m having multiple probs...

Alemon by Joining in
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Resolved! Phone line constantly engaged

Home phone is constantly engaged if trying to call it. Has no dial tone. Checked service status qnd it is telling me there is no fault. Not sure if its anything to do with it but city fibre are working in my street at moment   not sure if they have p...

Gayleh by Joining in
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