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My Landline is Dead - SG18 Area

We had a series of mini-power outrages yesterday afternoon and ever since then I have been unable to get a dial tone on my landline and nobody has been able to ring me. Not even scammers.Just checked again 10am the next morning and its still dead as ...

MrDidz by Tuning in
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Re: Landline not ringing

Hi. Great to find these old conversations re landline not ringing. Ours is correctly plugged in, pinhole reset done, different phone handsets tried, ringers definitely turned up...but handset still not ringing for incoming call (call connects ok if I...

Landline not working

Hi, Our business landline is not working and hasn't been all day. We have had powercuts in the area of HX5 9HG which resulted in the Internet going down earlier. Internet now working but phones still down.  We are unable to call out or take calls and...

Home Line not Working

Home Line not working, completely dead. Tried following online instructions but getting nowhere. 

ed1957 by Joining in
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Landline not working

Hi,Our home landline is completely dead, no dial tone or anything.  I have followed the online help guides but nothing works.  I checked the service status and it doesn't list any issues.Please adviseThanksCatherine

cath8888 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! On my home landline the answerphone has stopped cutting in

After many years of working ok my answerphone on the home land line has stopped cutting in, so no one can leave any messages. The phone is ringing and working fine apart from that. Tried calling 150 but didn't seem to get anywhere.

AlanB145 by Joining in
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no landline dialing tone

Following installation by the engineer, as requested after 48 hours we plugged in the cable from the landline to the adapter in the hub.We do not have a dialing tone. I have tried another phone, checked the connections and rebooted the hub with no su...

AS72 by Joining in
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Phone line dead

Got a landline for a new job I’m starting soon and the hub is too far away from the phone - it’s in a different room. The cable provided by Virgin doesn’t work but the adapter they provided does work along with the lead that was already in the handse...

Fibre adapter landline

Carried out instructions to install new fibre adapter then lost connections all afternoon including internet and landline so unable to work from home which was very frustrating  now have internet but still no landline. Have turned hun on/off several ...

***Think this is a scam call***

Received a v/mail @ 2.11pm on 19/10/2022 to advise that you are going to disconnect my Internet services within next 24/48 hours due to illegal activity. Advised to press 1 to speak to executive

Powels2 by Joining in
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