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Resolved! Port BT number to Virgin

HiCurrently, I have Virgin Media Broadband only (no landline in the package) at HOME-A.An Elderly relative has moved in with us (long term) and I'd like to port their BT phone (from their home, HOME-B) to our home (HOME-A). HOME-A and HOME_B have the...

metaled007 by On our wavelength
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Telephone Adaptor

Does anyone in Virgin actually help their customer. The adaptor does not fit the system. Been on for phone two days to solve the issue. Been passed to India > Sheffield > South Africa without any help. Got to wait 7 days for technician to come out so...

kolakola by Joining in
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Move telephone entry point

Hello,The place where the landline cable currently enters my house is being turned into a bathroom, so I'd like to move the entry point elsewhere. I've tried calling 150 from the phone, but the bot has no option for helping me, and just sends me a te...

parny by Joining in
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Landline - no dial tone

HiJust received the white cable through the post and connected up per instructions into Hub3 but no dial tone. Have restarted Hub twice now and no joy. Any help appreciated!Thanks

Problems with Fibre Phone adaptor

My home phone line [REMOVED] is completely dead.      Furthermore the fibre phone adaptor you have sent doesn't fit the necessary pluggery.    I am helpless.     And at age 84 I am at a loss as to what to do next.  Please help. I have a sick wife and...

Fibrephone switchover

Callled yesterday requesting engineers visit regarding a problem with my upcoming fibre phone installation. I was toId I'd receive text within 4 hours with details of appointment. So far, nothing! Can't waste another 2 hours of my life pressing optio...

Landline is down

After days of crackly calls and incoming calls that cut off after 2 rings, my landline is completely dead, no dial tone. I have a plug in phone to the wall socket that is unresponsive, in addition to all my cordless phones. I don’t have a hub. Need s...

Terri65 by Joining in
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Landline not working

Could you please check landline at my parents home at [REMOVED]....tried two handsets but still not tone [MOD EDIT: Personal and private information has been removed from this post.]

Landline - No dial tone

My landline has no dial tone, have tried restarting the router twice with no joy.  Tried calling the Helpdesk and waited for an hour and gave up. Can someone from VirginMedia assist with this issue?

Nirdev by Joining in
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