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Landline voicemail

As some stage we seem to have 'gained' voicemail on our Virgin Media landline and we would like to disable it/turn it off. Any advice on how to do that would be appreciated. 

HB39CW by Joining in
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6 days without incoming calls - phone barely rings and then cuts off whilst talking after 10 secs. 150 state engineers are working on the issue. 

Susan65 by Joining in
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My landline phone is not working

Since 20.30 last night my landline phone has been completely dead. I can't ring 150 for help with this as i don't have a mobile. How can go about getting this fixed?Thanks 

Technician Appointment

I called 150 last night about issue with changeover to fibre.  Was told an appointment  with a technician was being made for the issue to be sorted. The appointment would be sent by either text or email within 4 hours.  I haven’t received anything.  ...

pat1712 by Joining in
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Landline stopped working

My landline has stopped working for 3 days in Liverpool area . I have tried different phones and no dial tone. My mobile reception is terrible at home. I need my landline as I’m working from home and also have health conditions. No way of contacting ...

KarenM76 by Joining in
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Resolved! Fibre phone not working

The switchover date for my phone is today-21/11 - I’ve followed the instructions regarding the new adapter but my landline is dead. I’ve rebooted the hub several times. 

MM123 by Joining in
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Landline calls under 50p

Why do you charge for calls less than 50p?  It is outrageous. Also how do I get an itemised bill? Your charges seem to be a work of fantasy. 

celiamary3 by On our wavelength
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Re: unable to receive incoming calls for over 4 weeks

Exactly same problem here for 4 weeks. Spoken VM support several times to be given the same story. I am sure it has domething to do with UK Virgin switch to fibre/ip telephony but keep getting told NOT to fit VM supplied adapter into router etc. unti...

koogeybear by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Fibre upgrade switch

On day of switch over when does the analog phone stop working as I won’t have time to move my phone near to hub before I go to work and my disabled father needs the phone during the day. Can I leave plugging it in to hub until I get home from work ? 

Mrbbus by Joining in
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