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Fibre phone has stopped working

Had an engineer out to install the fibre phone last week as could not get it to work ourselves. It has worked fine for nearly a full week. Our area has had wifi outages today & while the wifi is now working fine for our computers, the house phone is ...

Resolved! No adapter

My switchover happened in late November or rather it didn’t . No adapter has arrived despite at least 3 battles with the helpline and 3 promises to send onei bought an adapter on Amazon and plugged it in that didn’t work either.my frustration at bein...

Port number from TalkTalk to VM

Hi, I need help! I had my broadband and phone installed 5th December. I placed my order two weeks before and requested my number to be ported. I called and confirmed this as well. It didn't happen on 5th. I was told on 5th that the order hadn't been ...

Amz by Tuning in
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No landline

We have been without a telephone for over a week and from the local social media this is affecting a large area.I have repeatedly rung to report the fact that we have no landline. We  had four appointments made and subsequently cancelled to be told t...

Heather by Joining in
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Talk protected

My mother is a long-standing Virgin Media customer.  She is 88 years old and has  difficulty understanding technological issues.  I am her son and have been dealing with this on her behalf.She is currently coming to the end of an 18 month broadband/T...

Landline not working

My land line has been out for well over a week completely dead. Thought it was the phone so bought a new one. Still nothing 

antfaith by Joining in
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Land line not working when it's raining

The exchange box for the phones in my neighbourhood on the side of the pavement is corroded and needs replacing. Every time it rains heavily for a prolonged period it gets flooded and takes days for my phone to work again after the exchange has dried...

Roy641 by Joining in
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Landline is still down

Thanks for your message. BUT unfortunately the landline is still not up and working. The message yesterday said that it would all fixed by 9pm last night. Was it fixed by 9pm? I don't think so! OR am now expecting an engineer to call????? If so, plea...

malcp4 by Tuning in
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Resolved! No Landline

Hi,Our landline has been crackling for a few weeks and over the weekend it has now dropped completely. I have unplugged all home phones from the main box, plugged in a phone directly into the virgin main phone box but still no line.Any other things t...