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No landline adaptor received as yet

We have received several emails saying that we will be receiving an adaptor for our landline and that the deadline is 24th November, after which the landline will not work unless it is attached to the hub. We have not received the adaptor as yet and ...

Michali by Tuning in
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Resolved! Landline not working after 2.5 months

Virgin cancelled my vulnerable 82-year-old mum's landlineI demanded it back.They put in voice over internet.It does not work.The landline number does not function.The account is for an 82-year-old who is vulnerable and no-one can ring her on her land...

Checking today's call log

Can I check todays call log? I believe the phone in my elderly parents house may have been used without there authority ( the emergency services were called from their number). As they both have dementia, neither knew anything about the call. 

Change to telephone service

Just had a letter  ( and  adapter ) saying virgin telephones will need to be connected to the Hub. My hub is 25 feet from my telephone . How does Virgin propose this works for me ? I also do not have a power point vacant near the Hub to power a telep...

albertz11 by On our wavelength
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Land line problem and interference.

Hi, Ever since the end of last week, our landline has not been working properly. This problem started in heavy rainfall, the phone would ring once or twice, but when going to take the call, it was evident that the line was dead.  This happened a numb...

DELBOY52 by On our wavelength
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Land Line not working

Following your recent instruction to connect our landline to the hub, my phone now doesn't work. I followed the instructions but all I get now is "Line Code Error. Please check"I have spoken to your colleagues by phone (mobile) and after lot of quest...

NikosP by Joining in
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Resolved! Landline Switchover

Hi,I am due to switchover my landline on the 28th November but I have not received an adapter.Can someone send me one as so close to changover. ThanksJohn 

jba1939 by Just joined
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Transfer of previous landline

Hi I activated my new virgin account on 6 November.  When I signed up I indicated I wanted to keep my previous landline number but this has not yet transferred.Please advise  Thanks Angela    

landline port request

Hi.I have signed up for Virgin broadband but the request for  landline port was not included. I want to keep my BT number.   How do I do this?ThanksJim

FF33 by Joining in
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Landline adapter

Hii have been on the phone to virgin 3 times about our landline and still have no adapter and no working phone. When I signed up to move onto a virgin landline initially, they arranged the transfer over the phone but did not send an adapter or explai...

Andiemac by Joining in
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