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Porting Landline Number from BT

I have recently joined Virgin having moved house. I retained my contract with Bt until November 2022 to allow for the transfer of my old number.  My BT contract has ended and Virgin still had not transferred the landline number. Having contacted Virg...

GD4 by Joining in
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Telephony disabled in Hub 3

I have recently received the adapter to plug my phone directly into the hub 3  but it shows telephony disabled and there is no way to make or receive calls. Can this be enabled remotely as there is no way to do it in the customer accessible menus? 

speedy15 by Joining in
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Resolved! Landline not working

Hi. My VM landline has stopped working recently. It was plugged into the wall and had been working OK. I know VM are switching to VOIP through the hub, though I don't remember being told that was happening for our line. However, I have tried plugging...

Resolved! Disable 1571 voicemail ?

Is there  a way of disabling the landline voicemail without having to go through 2 hours of pain trying to call 150?  Voicemail seems to have been activated for us for some reason.

Hiyakker by On our wavelength
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No landline signal

Hi,We have discovered our landline isn't working since our son tried to call a few times but got no answer. Subsequently we realise we have no dial tone. This has been the case for a few days at least. Our handset has been working fine so am assuming...

cwlane by Joining in
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Landline Fault - Help!

I have a landline fault and can find no way of reporting the fault, which is quite ridiculous, other than posting a message on this forum and hoping someone from VM sees the message and comes to my rescue.  I can't make outgoing calls, there's no dia...

RCC49 by Joining in
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Problems with landline

I yav been having problems with my landline for over a month now. Everyone I remove handset from base, it cuts out and no dialing tone. Have heard d rumours that I may need an adaptor? Can you help or get an engineer out to look at landline?Kind rega...

No dial tone on home phone

Hi, for several days I have no dial tone on my home phone. I have followed all the online checks, checking cables and the service indicator from virgin states all should be fine. I sense the problem is with the line outside but feeling very frustrate...