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Home phone upgrade to fibre

I have my hub upstairs and home phone downstairs, neither of which I want to move.I've just spoken to the call centre who do not know how to resolve this issue other than to get a technician out.The upgrade is taking place in my area on 25th Feb howe...

Singer2 by Joining in
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Hi,How do you get hold of a landline to hub connector? Not received one and my landline no longer works.Thanks

Grace10 by Joining in
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Virgin Media.My landline telephone service was 'inadvertently' disconnected by Virgin on Monday the 12th of December 2022.It then took Virgin until Monday the 16th of January to reconnect the service.The fault was reported to Virgin when it happened ...

SAF2 by Tuning in
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New Virgin fibre phone system compatibility with old corded phone

My question is: what makes of corded telephones are 21CV compatible with new system? Virgin do not have a list and notall phones are.As a pointer, my old BT Duet phone would not 'ring' when plugged into modem with new system, but worked in every othe...

Doll by Tuning in
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No voicemail

Voicemail not picking up and coming calls. When we dial 1571 we get the normal “ you have no new messages” can you assist?

Move landline position

I want to relocate my landline master connector to another room. New position will be next to virgin hub. No appropriate links on the help lines to assist this requirement

Dave2204 by Joining in
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Landline not receiving calls

Having exactly the problem described in other threads. Phone rings once with incoming call, then crackling sound and disconnection. Is it a case for engineer?

Lowtech by Joining in
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Problem after switchover

My phone switchover was on  16 Jan. I have 1 digital phome plugged into the hub and 2 handsets on chargers in different rooms-- and they  all  work fine whenever I make a call from any of them.They all ring when I have an incoming call, but... often ...

Virgin Landline Noise On All Calls

I have terrible noise on all calls, both outgoing and incoming on my Virgin Media landline.I changed cables, tried a filter, changed the actual telephone several times, all made no difference!Had a few engineer visits, each of a varying degree of sat...