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Hi there,Forum newbie here. I switched over to Virgin Media when fibre was installed in my street in November. I had had a landline up until then but the engineer indicated that I wouldn't be able to have a home phone line until the 'service' was ins...

Resolved! Home phone showing +1 hour time from caller id

Our home phones time is now showing +1 hour, the phone is set to caller id to receive time from router.I have done a complete reset of the router.Just checked, today Monday 11th March daylight saving time started in the USA so looks like that is what...

Philpc by Tuning in
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Time setting not working right on GMT

My phone started showing the time + 1 hour today throught caller ID.Can you help at all as there is no setting in the Hub5.We do need to show the correct time please..I have done a full reset of the hub but still +1 hour.

Philpc by Tuning in
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Vandalised street cabinet

Th box outside my house has had the door ripped off by local kids. All the cables are exposed leading to my landline no longer working. I have no dial tone and no incoming calls. How do I alert virgin about this problem?

phone not working after switch over to fibre

As instructed by VM, I have switched over to Fibre Phone as the traditional landlines are to be closed. Since the switch over 12th Jan I have not had landline connection! I have spoken to someone by telephone at VM support centre who has just told me...

Phone not working since 1 March

I have two lines into my property, one for my 92 year old mother-in-law and the other for family use.Both lines have not worked (no dial tone) since the 1st March. Called everyday to report and been told Virgin has an outage and that it would be work...

Landline not working

Phone not working correctly. All calls to and from mobiles are fine. Landlines can call in but cannot call landlines, says “ number not available “

Phone Not Working - Check Line Cord Message

Phone has just stopped working and handset is showing "Please Check Line Cord" message. Have checked all cabling and rebooted the router with no effect. Is this a problem at Virginmedia's end?

CMN by Just joined
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