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Additional phone

Have been sent the adapter for me to connect home phone to the hub. My question is how will phone upstairs work without landline as hub downstairs and have only 1 adapter for downstairs phone. 

Brook68 by Joining in
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No landline

Landline is down. Line is dead, I've done all the usual checks. Phoned 150 on my mobile to report it just got sent to their website! 

Resolved! New virgin router. I am not having fun.

Virgin are sending me a new router to plug my phone into. It is to difficult to set up. Is there a existing phone connection on my old router as I have noticed three sockets at the back unused?    

infidel by Dialled in
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No landline at all now...

I originally posted about this a couple of weeks ago (when I still had a working landline) as I had not received an adaptor prior to migration to fibre on 4th April.I received a text on 25th March asking me if I had received it, I replied & asked for...

Landline Down B32

No landline at all Virgin said no issues have to wait 7 days for a technician

Baldee by Tuning in
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Resolved! No home phone line

I have had no home phone for at least the last 7 days, but possibly longer - it rang twice a week ago and when I tried to check what number had called there was no dial tone, and around 10 days before that I had a broadband outage for a few hours.My ...

AndyG58 by On our wavelength
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Landline dead - again

For the second time in a few weeks, our landline is dead, with no dial tone, and permanently engaged for incoming calls. Service status says we have an issue with TV, but not with phone. Last time after lengthy phone calls to robots and automated tes...

rgwm by Tuning in
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noise on landline

Please can anyone help can I do anymore?I have had a loud noise on my landline incoming and outgoing calls to the extent that I cant hear properly. I have disconnect all telephones except the main phone, I have also tried changing the main phone but ...

Heather by Joining in
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