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Fibre connection, required for new landline.

I keep receiving e-mails informing me we will be receiving adaptors etc etc, come July 23rd; what puzzles me is the fact we are not connected a via Fibre network.We were originally connected to Diamond Cable, the cables remain the same, so no Fibre h...

MrFonce by Joining in
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landline not working

No dial tone. Was working this morning (before 10am). I have tried plugging in another phone, no joy. 

VC30 by Joining in
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Landline down

Hi All,My landline has been down all day, there was a man in the comms box down the road this morning, not sure if he has done something as just seems to much of a coinsidence.Ive tried the various fixes, and have a wired phone connected directly to ...

Carlos01 by Joining in
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Port landline number in to virgin

Hi, I have a relatively new virgin account. When purchasing it I gave my current home phone number to port across but nothing has happened and we are several weeks in. could somebody from virgin please help me port my landline number in to my virgin ...

Medshah by Tuning in
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Resolved! Phone number exdirectory

Good Afternoon. Would it be possible to remove my landline number from the phone book  Thanks Steve 

landline problems

Hi  I need help please  I am unable to make or receive calls on my landline.  How do I fix this problem

NanaBx4 by Joining in
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Landline Adaptor Has Not Arrived

Hi, I was supposed to receive a landline adapter before the 25th April but it didn't arrive. I then text "resend" to the SMS shortcode as directed. The automatic response indicated that "another one" would be sent by the 7th May. This also never arri...

Brodband package

 I have brodband package with phone line, but I'm not use is. How do I cancel or change a package?

Rasti78 by Joining in
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