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Landline dead - Mother needs it!

Sorry if this has been asked about before, but a few weeks ago my mother lost the use of her Virgin Media landline. It is just dead - No dial tone or anything. She has tried and tried to get in touch with Virgin to fix the problem, and the website ju...

Home Phone Calls Dropping Out

When using my home phone the line drops out. There is a click, a second of silence and then call ends. When I ring number again, it connects immediately but then drops out again after a time. This can be 20 seconds into a call or 20 mins into a call....

gjpitter by Joining in
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My Landline Phone makes a dual tone

Ever since I've been with Virgin (nearly 2 weeks) the dialling tone on my landline sounds wrong. It alternates between 2 different tones, just under a second at a time (I think).Are they trying to tell me something?

GuyMal by On our wavelength
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Fibre Phone

My phone is due to connect to fibre phone on 12/5/2023. When might I expect to receive the adaptor as there's no sign of it yet?

jw98 by On our wavelength
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Elderly parents land line disconnected.

Hello,My parents have informed me that their Virgin Media land line has been disconnected, however they need this for medical reasons.I understand they may have been switched over to the digital through the hub service, however the hub they have is a...

new hub 5, Telephony ( Disabled )

the network side of the hub 5 is working OK.The box did not have a white telephone cable or white telephone adapter, as per the setup book.I connected my landline phone with a spare RJ11 lead i have, I don't get a dial tone on the connected phone.I a...

Landline not working

I have tried two different phones but neither work when plugged into wall socket, both worked until Friday afternoon, now display shows "check phone line".  There is no dial tone and can neither make calls or receive them.  Thanks

MyraH by Tuning in
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