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Fibre Network Move

My phone line stopped working. I phoned on 12th April and was advised that I had been migrated on 2nd March and disconnected on 29th March. All without warning. I was eventually put through to retentions who apologised and advised that a new hub woul...

Ruffy19 by Joining in
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Landline voicemail

I’ve just moved over the virgin landline through my modem and can’t get voicemail to work. Have called 1571 and run through the process several times but the voicemail won’t activate. Can anyone advise please? Thanks 

Andiemac by Joining in
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Fibre Phone Switchover Date

Hello.I received my new fibre phone adapter a few weeks ago but have had no further correspondence about when my switchover date will be. How do I find this out? Many thanks in advance. 

Caller Display

My phone has recently stopped showing caller display.  There was a fault on the line, and it has stopped since the fault was cleared

Resolved! fibre phone

There seems to be no way of arranging a connection between fibre and my my telephone network. 150 gives no no option please help.

Resolved! Fibre Phone Adapter

We have received the adapter today.   My TV and Hub are in one corner of my living room and my landline in the other.  I do have a cordless phone in another room.  I do not want wires going round my room to facilitate this.  Can my cordless phone be ...

caroline61 by On our wavelength
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No dial tone

Hi. Had a power cut in the area yesterday for approx one hour. Once power was restored, noticed that the landline wasn’t working and still no dial tone this morning. Phone was working fine before the power outage. Can somebody please check if there i...

Phone Line not working

Think I need an engineer to come out. Have had no landline for 2 days and have even bought 2 new house phones thinking that it was the old one. But still no dial tone etc. Have tried all the virgin suggestions and still no joy. 

New Voip phone connection very echoey and not clear

Hi,our landline was today switched over to Voip connection through our new hub. Our first call was terrible - everything we said echoed back into our earpiece quite loudly and the receiver of the call could only hear us intermittently. Hopefully, som...

401g by Tuning in
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lost text alert function from landline

I recently connected my landline phone to my hub as requested. The phone is making and accepting calls, however the answer machine was setup to send a text alert to my mobile if I had a message left on it.This function no longer works. Can you please...

simzep by Joining in
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