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Resolved! Wiring existing NTE5 socket from VN Router

I have a fibre phone changeover date for May. My phone socket is in an adjacent room to VM Router. For convenience I want to do the connection myself. My plane is to buy a standard RJ11 - RJ11 10 m extension lead and plug one end directly into router...

chief47 by Tuning in
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Changing to VOIP

When my telephone line changes from analogue to VOIP, will there be a mobile app like other VOIP providers available so I can receive my phone calls on a mobile app , or is it just fixed to the HUB only. 

Uni-Tel by Joining in
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Resolved! New hub 5 installed but phone doesn’t work

Hi, I got a new hub 5 , installed it ok, but my landline phone is constantly engaged, I get a dial tone but then it gets the engaged tone, can’t even phone 150. Also incoming call ring but on answering it’s the engaged tone.I didn’t get any new cable...

Weefifer by On our wavelength
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Adapter needed

My phone line has been switched over to fibre but I have not received an adaptor. I requested one in Feb but it has not arrived. How can I get one?Thanks

Re: 'no number' Calls

Good Morning, Our phone line migrated yesterday and we’re getting exactly the same thing. The phone doesn’t ring, there was 5 no number calls overnight and 3 or 4 yesterday after installation.Ours is a bt phone but it works fine. On a different note ...

Mrs_G1 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Phoneline is cutting off mid call

This problem is identical to Sheebs65 - it started occurring shortly after the switchover to internet connected phone in the summer.The situation is we only make about one call on a sunday  - the rest are incoming and are of short duration. We have d...

Port of Old Landline Number

Hello, my new broadband and landline service was installed 9 days ago.When I ordered it, I asked for my old landline number to be transferred to the Virgin Media service but this hasn't happened.The number is still active on my old provider.Please le...

Robin23 by Joining in
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new fibre phone adapter

hi, my hub is upstairs in a bedroom, and the landline is downstairs in the hall where we would like it to stay, could we have a hub downstairs please? we don't want 15m's of wire running down the stairs

dekx1000 by Joining in
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Landline - doesn't work

Why does my landline not work? It’s been about three months and I can’t contact anyone     [MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]

Sk8ter by Joining in
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No working phone line since joining Virgin 2 weeks ago!

We joined Virgin for the 1st time 2 weeks ago, everything is fine apart from having no working phone line since. An engineer has been out and checked the equipment, all fine, the line is showing as working but when you call someone the line has a bus...