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Flashing green light

Probably barking up the wrong tree here but it’s driving me mad. We have a BT big button phone at home but my landline is with yourselves. We had a voicemail that I’ve recently deleted but it’s still flashing green? Is this something you could help m...

Dead land lines

HiI've come back from a few days away and my land lines are all dead with no tone. I have various phone and all of them are the same. I've tried looking all over the app and website and checked all the hardware is connected. I can't find anything wro...

"Please check line cord" message

Landline phone has message "Please check line cord". No dialling tone on phone. The phone I have unplugged and replugged, checked cords, connections and the batteries all seem fine. So my hardware seems fine. What other line cord may I be missing in ...

Voicemail Dial tone

I’m getting the intermittent dial tone on my landline but 1571 tells me, correctly, that there are no messages. Can the dial tone be reset to the normal one?I have tried leaving myself a message then delete it but I still get the intermittent dial to...

lincsguy by On our wavelength
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How do I log a fault ?

I have a fault with my home phone line. Phones are OK and connections unplugged and replaced. The phone line does not work (just a crackling noise if I try to call a number) and is permanently engaged if I try to phone home using the mobile.I cannot ...

GuzziStu by Tuning in
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Reminder: order your new Hub now

My land line phone will only be able to receive inbound calls if I don’t arrange delivery for my new Hub before 8th September 2023. Ok, so how do I do that ?I've tried just about every option there is on 150, do I wait until the 9th September and rep...

bd100 by Joining in
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Resolved! Can I expedite my landline switchover

My landline hasn't worked in ages.  As nobody rings me on it(as i give out my mobile as my main contact) and it would involve an engineer visit to fix.  I haven't bothered with it.  Now virgin sent me a letter than the copper phone lines are being de...

Outbound call block for vulnerable users

VM blocked both my fathers and my mother in laws outbound calls despite both receiving letters saying that they had until October to arrange an appt for a new router. Both were needing to make urgent medical calls and, in the case of my mother in law...

Resolved! Hub 5 vs Landline - Disabled, still

A couple of months ago we were sent a shiny new Hub5.. A MAJOR upgrade from the original classic hub v1 that we've had for SUCH a long time.We tried hooking the phone into it, but the router status page still said "Telephony (disabled)" so we've wait...

Screenshot 2023-09-10 at 15.58.43.png
Jayenkai by Joining in
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Resolved! Disable call waiting on fibre landline?

Hi.Can I disable call waiting myself and if so how? I want the caller to know I'm engaged and not to hear a ringing out tone. I need to do this for an elderly VM neighbour as if it just rings out when he's chatting on a call it leaves callers worried...