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Resolved! Anticipating VOIP changeover

Like others, my primary phone (with answer machine) and my hub are some distance apart - two floors apart. I have a nice, new Hub 5 which is on the second floor with three computers attached by ethernet; the fourth hub connection provides IP-over-mai...

jaberwok by On our wavelength
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Please fix landline after changing over

I finally made the switch today.  Our phone is opposite side of the room to the hub so had to use an extension. Now nothing.  Followed instructions twice.  Not impressed. Cost money and no phone line that we're paying for.  Please fix

Resolved! VOIP app for mobiles

Is there such a thing as an app which will enable a mobile, say on the same wifi as a hub, to give out a notification when a Voip call is incoming, i.e. when the ringer is operating. Would be useful when the phone connected to the Voip system is not ...

SixString by On our wavelength
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landline changeover

Hi my hub is not in the same room as my landline phone, don't want phone in bedroom where the hub is, any ideas ?

Resolved! Shambolic Porting of Old Number!

VM were supposed to port my old number from sky and this was put through in my initial order.  A week or so after go live, my number still hadn’t ported so a member of the support community chased it up and actioned it.  After another week or so, the...

elkingdl by Tuning in
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intermitted fault cannot hear caller

Intermittent fault  in that the caller can hear us but we can't hear them. Dialling tone is heard and appears to dial number but no ringing sound on our side even though the phone of the person we are calling rings out. Can also happen if someone pho...

Suep4 by Joining in
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I have  one phone connected to the hub 3 which works with the adaptor lead that VM have sent but due to relocation of the phone next to the hub, I can not always hear it ring when I receive a call. This phone is a BT answer phone with it's own power ...

ALF28 by Super solver
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Resolved! Hub not close to telephone line - different room

My telephone line comes into the house by the front door in the hallway.  The hub is located in the lounge for strongest signal.  I cannot therefore use the fibre phone adapter, I don't want either pieces of equipment relocating.  Ideally I would lik...

Resolved! Landline Switchover

Hi I've just received my invitation to swap over to the new fibre network due on 13th February 2024. However I apparently need to book a technician as I have  additional phone sockets with phones connected upstairs. Downstairs I have cordless phones ...

PeteO1 by Joining in
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