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Service suspended

Good Morning,My services on my mobile phone have been suspended due to two payments previously. Last night, I paid the full amount due, and my services are still suspended. Due to the suspension, I am unable to make outbound calls to the customer ser...

Landline not working

Hi, I recently ...4 weeks ago changed from hub 4 to hub 5.... phone was connected to hub 4 and worked fine. New hub installed phone connected to rear and phone doesn't work. Called VM spent 45 mins no solution just sent an adaptor I already had. Call...

SPvm by Tuning in
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Don't want a fibre optic landline.

Can someone help me with advice on how to actually book a technician? I have gone round in circles. Our telephone connection is downstairs, there is a plugged in phone upstairs in the office and the PC is upstairs. We will need a much longer cable th...

JulieT6 by Joining in
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Contact VM

I am having issues in contacting VM regarding my mums account due to the fibre switch over she just has phone and tv package no broadband ,   I have an account at the same address and looking for help in merging the two accounts together , I phoned t...

kate4535 by Joining in
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phone switchover

HiI was wondering what happens to others who have been given a date for switchover but not received the adapter to connect in time.?I was given 4th may for switchover but no adapter arrived then spent hours trying to explain this and ended up with be...

Landline not working

I'm a fairly new customer, my landline isn't working. I've checked the handsets and connection sockets. Broadband and TV are working ok. The telephone display says Check Phone Line

VoIP Landline broken

Hi, I have virgin gig1 and anytime calls. I added anytime calls onto the account about a week ago and we've had nonstop issues. Incoming calls are fine but when calling out, the number dials, but then the line goes dead and then a tone plays (hang up...

DT2004 by Joining in
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Landline issues

We have an alarm, every time there is a power cut or someone accidentally turns the plug off at the wall, it disconnects the phone line and sets the burglar alarm off. Obviously this has only been happening since the phone line has been connected to ...

smf412 by Tuning in
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