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Sending email using your own domain

Introduction Email is evolving new methods to combat spoofing of email addresses.  While there used to be no checks on what email servers can be used by particular domains, that is no longer the case. Consequently when sending using your own domain u...

ravenstar68 by Very Insightful Person
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Orphan Email accounts

IntroductionThis information applies to all four Virgin Media Email are increasingly coming on the Forum's after having email accounts locked/deleted.  This post looks at one of t...

ravenstar68 by Very Insightful Person
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Outgoing Authentication Issues? - Check Email Logs

IntroductionThere have been a number of threads on the boards lately where people have been seeing the password prompt pop up when trying to send e-mails.While the symptom is the same for many users, there are actually a number of possible causes.Bro...

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ravenstar68 by Very Insightful Person
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Ravenstar's Email FAQ's

The aim of this thread is to collate some of the stickies I have made in the past into one thread. In here you will find the following FAQ's Understanding Email Block ListsSPF, DKIM, and DMARC explainedGeneric/Dynamic host names prohibited - an expla...

ravenstar68 by Very Insightful Person
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Error Code AP103 when try to resent VM password

Hi I have been locked out of my email ( and cannot seem to be able to resolve thisI have tried to reset the password as described in the FAQ's but receive the Error code AP103I need to be able to reset my Pop3 and SMTP (NTL) passwords as...

Resolved! NTL Email account comprimised / hacked

Last year I received a scam extortion email from my own Ntlworld account demanding bitcoin. The scammers included my virginmedia email account password. So they had obviously got it from a security breach somewhere. I immediately changed my passwords...

WareingR by Tuning in
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Error code DEF01

I am locked out of my email. Please can someone help?Whenever I do forgotten password or email I get Code:DEF01I have cleared the cache and tried different devices. Trying to message or phone Virgin has also been problematic..

How do I contact someone at virgin about email problem

I am wanting to sign in to my VM email account but when I try it says my password is incorrect. So I then click on 'forgot password' to et a new one , but no matter how many characters I use , it says it is not valid!How do I solve this problem

avalon60 by On our wavelength
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Can't send virgin media emails with Outlook 365

I have the same issue and error message 0x800CCC0F as the first post. It happened this afternoon and all my outgoing Virgin mail got stuck my desktop Outlook 365 Outbox. Outgoing mail via My Virgin Media web seems to have no issue. Spoke to Virgin's ...

wing by On our wavelength
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unable to send emails from emClient for email account

Hi My emClient email package won't send emails, but will receive. My email address is an one. I can login to the Virgin web email and send/receive ok. I've tried changing the SMTP settings to some recommended online, but no changeThe err...

appoman by Settling in
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How do I export all saved emails and folders

Having been locked out of my emails via the website app, again, since last Wednesday, two phone calls, one of which after 20mins the person just cut me off !,the second call the operator tried to walk me through resetting my sign-in and and app passw...

Blueyonder email account

I can't access my blueyonder email account, although it appears that emails are still being received on this account.If I try to log in to this account, I'm told to change the password, which I can't do, because to do that I would need to access my b...