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Cancelling volt mobile

Hi folks - I took out the volt mobile phone add on and not activated it yet - I dont need it - have work related mobile contracts.Anyway I have decided to cancel the direct debit as Im paying for something I dont use - do I need to contact Virgin and...

corryj1 by Joining in
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3x pods how to order

So I’ve opted for 1130 package with volt virgin / O2  it says I can order 3x pods to help with poor Wi-Fi  but I cant find where I order these ??? help please        [MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]

Virgin Media VOLT and Hub 5

I have been upgraded to the 1 GB speed when I got O2. But I was previously under the 500 MB and got the Hub4. Has anybody have luck getting the newer Hub5?

Volt Benefits not applied

I have been with Virgin Media for years and recently took out a new O2 phone (November 2022).  I received an email telling me that my Volt Benefits were applied on 1 December 2023 but we have never received upgrade speed.   On my Virgin Media Account...

jw67 by Joining in
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Volt Benefits Not Eligible For Double Speed

HiI am with Virgin for my Broadband + TV and o2 for mobile - I was originally with Virgin's Oomph package, and was pushed to take this new set up, with the volt benefits explained to me.My o2 double data is working fine.My broadband speeds haven't be...

ruswit by On our wavelength
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WiFi Pods Request

Hello,I'm having issues with WiFi connectivity in my attic office where I predominantly work. I've tried to connect to my WiFi (located 2 floors down in my living room), but it never stays connected for long and when it does the signal is generally v...

How to request a Hub 5?

HiWhen we ordered virgin media volt Gigabit bundle we were told we would end up getting a Hub 5 at some point and they would install a Hub 4 initially.I have rung customer services multiple times and they tell me I will receive an email in 15 days to...

Netflix email link

I received the netflix link in an email but when I clicked on the link it did not work. It says something went wrong. Can you repost this please. Also I would like an ethernet connection to my smart TV in my bedroom as the WiFi extenders are not givi...


Netflix upgrade declined

Hi, I have recently joined Virgin Media and as I work for O2, I have a ultimate volt bundle staff account which allows netflix standard free of charge. When I go to add premium netflix either via the virgin media app or on the netflix website, I rece...

Screenshot_20230223-192048.png Screenshot_20230224-085921.png
SamH95 by Joining in
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