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Dazn Boxing

Signed up for boxing, paid £20, just as AJ fight started sound went, came out and can’t get back in, just blank screen. Joke.expect full refund 

Sbbrum by Joining in
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Flashing green lights on remote

My remote been light is flashing constantly, I have changed the batteries, reset the remote and rebooted my box but I am still unable to use my remote as it works just once then just the flashing green light. Any ideas how to fix. thanks 

V6 no EPG

I have a V6 and the EPG has not worked since last night and it appears to have recorded everything possible lol. The issue should have been fixed today but hasn't and now it says the 4th. Will VM be compensating effected customers?

V6 no longer connects to WiFi

Can anyone please help? I’m going in circles here!The V6 box no longer connects to WiFi. All other devices connect fine, but the V6 has always been flaky & needed reconnecting but for the last few days it just won’t connect at all.The router is on a ...

PeteG23 by Joining in
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Serious problem with DVR

Hi,A message has come up on a green screen on my TV saying the DVR has encountered a serious problem and is trying to fix it. It says not to turn the box off or restart it for 3 hours. It’s been more than 3 hours and it’s still the same. It’s clearly...

LMC88 by Joining in
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Amazon Prime Freevee autoplay. Can I disable it?

When watching Neighbours on Freevee via Amazon Prime on my V6 box autoplay kicks in before the end of the programme. There is no way to disable autoplay in settings and you cannot stop it happening even if you return to the episode. Can anyone sugges...

How can I stop beeping noise?

Not a huge problem but I would like the option to turn off the beeping sound when navigating the menu etc on my V6 box using the remote control.  Is this possible? How? Thanks

on demand low volume

I have been watching a bit of Elementary on Alibi on demand and the volume is terrible. I have to turn my TV all the way up to about 60% in order to actually hear the program properly. This wouldn't be so bad if the intrusive randomly inserted advert...