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TV Go device registration - Google Chrome

You may still be experiencing issues with Google Chrome registering a new device on your TV Go profile each time you use it. This isn't the intended behaviour, for the best experience we recommend not clearing cache/cookies for TV Go after each sessi...

Kev_B by Community Manager (Retired)
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TV to go - Not available error

Hi,I changed the computer I used for TV to go and while the registration seems to have worked fine when trying to watch anything on the TV to go website I see this error.Not availableSorry - we can't play this at the momentI was able to watch Sky Spo...

shuggg by Joining in
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tv go app

tv go app will not recognise registered device, keeps telling me i have reached my limited [ 5 devices ] even though i am using the computer all the time.

GCB86 by Joining in
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Streaming recording tv shows to my ipad or iphone?

Hi,Is it still possible to stream my recorded shows to my ipad?I used to use the 'Virgin TV GO' app on my ipad - and it just says i cant stream outside house now? - i reinstalled the app and now it just always says 'Not allowed' and won't even open.T...

muddybloke by On our wavelength
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Tv Go - BT Sport

There are sometimes Champions league matches that I'd like to watchon my phone on BT Sport 5 or above, but when using Virgin TV Go I can only see bt sport 1-4 and Ultimate.Is there any way to access these other channels through TV Go? 

TV Go device registered but not registering

I am attempting to watch TV through Virgin TV Go desktop app on my laptop, however I am being told that I have reached the device limit. There are 5 slots, 1 is my phone and the other 4(!) are the laptop I am currently trying to use. I am unable to m...

Tigerput by Joining in
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Sky sports App

Hi, I keep getting the device management message on skysports even though I have registered my device on the virgin media app.  anyone got any suggestions??? 

TV Go set issue due to hacked primary account

A few years back, my NTL email account was hacked. I set up a secondary account which I use to this day.For months I have been trying to get the primary account removed/changed and set up TV on the Go, but to no avail as the error message always refe...

Sky Sports running fast

The Sky Sports App on my PC is running in a fast forward mode, runs out of data stops and repeats this process.  Rebooting and reinstalling has not resolved this.  iPad is working fine, which suggests something on my PC is causing the issue.  Any sug...

Too many devices when using a registered device?

Trying to watch the football on Virgin Go, which i have done many times on this device, and it's saying there are too many devices? Even though when i go to manage devices i can see this device there. I've tried just replacing it, but it still doesn'...

Current Device.png MAx.png

Resolved! TVGo TiVo recording management via web is not available.

I cannot access which is a link from , which are web browser based links for TVGo.The issue started out saying the TIVO was not turned on (it was) so it...

hatfield by Dialled in
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