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TV Go device registration - Google Chrome

You may still be experiencing issues with Google Chrome registering a new device on your TV Go profile each time you use it. This isn't the intended behaviour, for the best experience we recommend not clearing cache/cookies for TV Go after each sessi...

Kev_B by Community Manager (Retired)
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Virgin TV go – iPhone – not available in this region

fOr at least a year I don’t seem to be able to have watched virgin TV go live TV.I don’t know how to tell on my phone if it’s got a VPN or how to tell where my location is. Please can somebody explain in very simple terms what I need to do to check a...

dizzie70 by Joining in
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Virgin TV go – not available in this region

Virgin TV go – not available in this regionthis is the message I get when trying to use Virgin TV Go on my phone. It’s fine on my laptop. Solutions please??  it used to work and then all of a sudden stopped.I can’t see an issue with my IP address whe...

dizzie70 by Joining in
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Hi, I am trying to find how to manage my devices registered on the sky sports app but cannot find how to do it? Every time I go on to the app to watch it comes up with ‘device limit reached contact your service provider”  I’ve gone round and round in...

Davidoff by Tuning in
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Sky sports App

I subscribe to sky sports via stream. I should have access to live sky sports channels with my virgin media log in. When I log in to the sky sports mobile  App with virgin log in, it works, however when I try and watch any live sky sports channels on...

How do I remove a device from tv go

Hi, I have had a lodger renting my spare room for a while and they have now left, how do I remove their devices from being able to watch the tv go app? Thanks for your help

Pabs81 by Joining in
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Sky Sports App Error Code

Hi,I have previously been using the Sky Sports App Via Virgin Media pretty fine.But today I've tried to use it on my HP Computer and it is showing me this error code.Error code: VGC-4262461948:4262461948I have tried deleting the app, and reinstalling...

Leks by Joining in
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Replace Device

 I am using windows 10 and have the TV To Go app on two laptops, but There is no option to “replace” a device. when i use my Iphone TV To Go app it says “replace” in red font next to these devices so i am able to click on it but this is blank on my l...

V139aj by Joining in
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Sky sports app

I’ve changed my phone and won’t let me watch sky sports from phone says I have reached my device limit