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TV Go - Connection showing offline

Hi,  we're aware of an issue that may be affecting some customers using the TV Go app for functions such as the remote control function, or viewing recording whilst on their home network. When trying to do this, TV Go will advise that the set top box...

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are you still watching

whilst about 2 hours in to the football i was streaming the prompt are you still watching came up. i had to click yes to continue. given the time it takes to play a match these days could you please bin this function and let me watch in peace? this i...

TV GO App Doesn’t Work

Unable to access anything on the tv go app. Can’t watch any of my programmes I’ve recorded. Just states not connected to home network, make sure box is turned on. ipad is up to date, box is turned on, and I am on the same network 

Resolved! Error code: VGC-4253024462:4253024462

watching sky sports on the desktop app - absolutely fine for the last 3 days and now all of a sudden it stops and saysError code: VGC-4253024462:4253024462I've deleted cookies, in the UK, not VPN, etc etcPlease help before I lose it !!

I can’t register any device

I have lost my access to Virgin Tv Go ever since I had a new modem installed. Despite contacting Virgin technical department direct they have not been able to sort the matter out. I can’t even register my device and when I try to logon to live tv it ...


TV GO APP will not show live tv on any of my devices. just "oops, something went wrong, please try later" Also TV GO will not play ANY OTHER items but simply changes the "play" button to an "Upgrade" button. this has been an issue for many weeks. I a...

TV Go Pin?

Hi,PIN problems, Can't reset the pin. The app wont except my pin, when it is reset the message says changed to 1234,  when entered it rejects the code, I have even tried 0000.Wouldn't it be nice to directly contact a virgin rep and get it fixed?regar...

Reg devices on GO app

I have raised 4 complaints about my registered devices not being recognised on the VIRGIN GO app and being unable to watch SKY Sports, and I keep getting the same response with no one actually prepared to do anything for us. Can someone actually help...

Sky sports login issue

 I have Sky sports on my tv package when I try to watch live it tells me to leave virgin go and go to sky sports. I then try to login using the virgin login details on sky sports app. I enter all my details. It then takes me to a page to enter a 4 di...

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